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My Amazing Girlfriend

Written by: MarkS

My Amazing Girlfriend

The first time I visited my girl friend home town

Anybody, and I mean anybody can live a life where all happiness is at your fingertips!

Every time I see this picture of my partner, Robin, I can’t help but smile with her. I took this picture the first time I visited her home town. It was a truly magical moment. That week really cemented our relationship.

Over the last three years, we have had our ups and down as events have unfolded in our lives, but we have remained strong and very much in love. We now happily share our own apartment together.

Even with her Non-Verbal Learning Disability, her accomplishments are numerous. She has just graduated from college with her diploma from the DSW programme (Developmental Services Worker). Courses included three work placements totalling 23 weeks in three separate areas (Community Living Centre, long term care facility for seniors and at a high school supporting students with disabilities, (where she also had a 100 per cent mark for that placement).

I wanted this post to be the post to welcome you, because Life Without Limits is meant to help to inspire those who are on the ASD spectrum (Autistic Spectrum). Like NLD, Asperger’s Syndrome, or any other condition – you can live a life without limits!!! You can go to college and graduate! You can find a meaningful relationship! You can find a fulfilling career!

You can do anything you can imagine, so start imagining!

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My Amazing Girlfriend